Monday, November 21, 2005

House of Mouse

Well, I bought some live-catch mousetraps yesterday, along with a plug-in ultrasonic thing that's supposed to keep mice away. Everyone tells me the ultrasonic thingies don't work, but in case they do, I won't be trying out mine while I'm using the traps. No sense in warding mice away from the traps. The traps, though, are a little bigger than an office stapler (you should've seen me in Home Depot, trying to decide if my mouse is bigger than a stapler), which means they're not very big, which means that in order to release the mouse from the trap, I will have to place my fingers rather close to the mouse itself. The thought of doing this doesn't thrill me, so I will try to devise a way of opening the trap with a stick or something in case the mouse gets scared and wants to bite me before fleeing. (Ack!) Hey, it was either this or spring traps, and I just couldn't bear the thought of snapping mice in half. I admit, though, that I might feel differently about this if the mouse (mice?) were in my house instead of my garage. I plan to relocate the mouse in the brush near the lake where he belongs, and I hope he has a happy life there.

All this in an effort to prevent my high school yearbooks being chewed into bedding. ;^)