Friday, November 04, 2005

Little Songs

Well, the kiddo developed a cold yesterday and although I brought out all the special anti-cold tactics in my bag of mommy tricks, he continued to sniffle and blow his nose, to the point that I figured it was just as well that I wasn't free to meet up with PK, a fellow blogger who was in town on business. Luckily we got to chat at length on the phone Wednesday night, which was thoroughly enjoyable. :-)

Afterward, the phone rang again and I thought it was PK calling back for some reason. However, I heard no response when I answered the phone, so I hung up. The caller tried a few more times and each time I thought it was a prank, so I hung up. I was starting to feel a little bit freaked out, thinking someone was harrassing me. Turned out it was a friend in Norway, calling via her computer, so there was a slight lag, which accounted for the lack of response I encountered in each phone call. Oof. (We got everything straightened out the next day.)

Anyway, the kiddo took a nap yesterday and went to bed early last night. I, however, fell asleep on the couch, in somewhat of a poopy mood due to my being unable to meet PK, my concern over my son's cold, and a disppointing email I received earlier in the day. At about 4:15 a.m. I awoke (a habit I'd like to break, I think!) and decided against going to bed, as my son's dad was coming that morning to pick up the kiddo and I didn't want to oversleep. I've found that if I go back to bed after being awake in the wee hours, I tend to seriously goof up my sleep cycle and sleep way past the time I'd normally awaken if I'd slept through the night uninterrupted. Someone once explained this phenomenon to me, but I forget the exact way it works.

So there I was, messing around with the computer (of course), and at about 6:45 I heard a lovely sound -- my son was talking to himself as he awoke. I peeked in on him and he didn't notice me. Then I heard him singing softly to himself, so I peeked in again and that time he saw me. I smiled, and it was as if someone pressed his smile button, the way his face just lit up. It's hard to explain the way my heart felt at that moment -- like I was privy to something delicate and fleeting and wonderful. Thank goodness for these little blessings.