Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wee Small Beastie (But Not That Small)

So tonight I was driving into my garage and there was a mouse on the workbench. Kinda grossed me out, but I do live right next to a big field. Still, the mouse was between a radio and a jug of water and wasn't watching me; it seemed busy nibbling something (food? paper?). I guess I thought mice were afraid of humans, so the fact that the mouse didn't hide when I turned on the light and drove my noisy car into the garage and tapped the workbench with my bumper and shined my headlights on it seemed sort of...odd.

One of my neighbors had a mouse in her garage some time ago, but she found out because she'd left her car windows open and the mouse had gotten into her car and gnawed on her lipstick. Maybe it just wanted to be pretty.

Anyway, now I'm wondering if I have anything I value that could get chewed on in the garage. Hmm...a few boxes of papers. Better check on that this weekend. Man, I hope I don't find a nest full of baby mice or something. Ick.