Saturday, November 05, 2005

Just sitting here, thinking about the kiddo a little bit and hoping he's feeling better. I may or may not call him at his dad's house. Remembering a few days ago, when I was in the shower and I hollered for the kiddo to put on the clothes I'd laid out for him. "And your SHOES!" I yelled. We were in a hurry, after all. I've long enjoyed his ability to dress himself so I don't have to get two people ready in the morning. He came up to show me he'd gotten dressed, and told me to peek out from the side of the shower curtain to see his accomplishment. I did, and there he stood, dressed in shirt, shorts, socks and shoes -- on the wrong feet -- feet together, standing at attention, holding the Mother's Day balloon-on-a-stick we keep around here, straight up in the air, waiting for me to notice how funny he was. *melt* Made me wish I could reach my camera from the shower. I hope my boy always has this kind of sense of humor. :-)