Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stretching the Silver Cord

So the kiddo had a brilliant time at class today. He LOVEDLOVEDLOVED it. When we first walked in, he was very pleased to see his own red basket with his name on it. He asked what it was for; I told him it was for his stuff, and we put his sweatshirt in it. I know he got to wear his sweatshirt because it was inside out when we retrieved it after class. ;^)

When I went to pick him up, he was so happy and wanted to play at the nearby playground, and he was full of stories about stuff he'd done in class. I asked the teacher how he was after I'd left and she said, "He did great, just like he'd been doing this all along!" Good stuff. The kiddo also made an art project with construction paper -- the "Tree of Thanks." The teacher supplied a cutout of a tree and some leaf cutouts, and helped the kids write things on the leaves before gluing them to the tree. The four leaves on the kiddo's tree --the four things he's thankful for: "glue, trees, planets, and Mom & Dad." Heaven forbid we should ever take glue or the planets for granted!

I asked him if he'd made any friends that day, or learned any kids' names, and he said there was a girl named K. in his class. I don't know if he actually played with her a lot, but it was nice that he'd learned one name. Yay!

He can't wait to go back next time. Me, too!