Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Into the Baby Box: Instead of a Photo,
Perhaps an Eyeliner-Stained Tissue...

I realize just about every mom in the country starts her kid in preschool long before he's my son's age, so I'm feeling a little bit in catch-up mode today: This morning I dropped off the kiddo at a once-a-week preschool-type class. I guess it functions as preschool, but it's not exactly called that; it's held at the local community center. That said, the class goes for 2.5 hours once a week, and has about 15 (maybe 12?) kids in it, and the teacher has one aide. When I arrived with the kiddo, he seemed shy and wanted to cling first to me, then to the teacher, but I think he'll fit in quickly, as it's not his first time hanging out with groups of kids, and he was verrrry interested in all the toys there. I think maybe the large room was a little bit much for him, as it made the class seem bigger than it really is, with all the kids spread out, playing with various toys.

Also, it seemed that most of the kids already know each other or feel comfortable in this setting, which is probably a plus. The teacher instructed the kids to introduce themselves to the kiddo today, and before I sneaked off, at least four kids came over and introduced themselves. My son was still feeling shy at that time, so he didn't acknowledge them, but he knows how to introduce himself and I'm hoping it will work out well. I was sort of expecting to be able to observe more of the class, but the teacher said, "When we get started, I'm kickin' you out, Mom." That bitch. ;^) She was half-joking, but I guess it's a good thing for the kiddo to get involved instead of running over to me all the time. Still, I would have loved to see more of what they do in the class. I mean, how cute is it when all the kids go sit on the mat together? Very cute, I can tell you.

So my boy is taking another step toward independence today and I'm feeling a bit teary over it. Then again, I can do some work this morning in peace.

I may go back over there, though, and read a book in the car for a while. I did tell the kiddo I would hang around outside and drink coffee (which I forgot at home), so I wonder if he's looking to see if I really did that.

All this unnecessary fretting... :-)