Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Can I Go Back to Sleep Now?

Well, now the kiddo and I are 2-2, since he just barfed about five minutes ago. (Have I mentioned I've actually blown the capillaries in my eyes from barfing? That'll stay REAL pretty for a long time.) I gave him some cough medicine and he just upchucked; at least he did it in the sink. Still, he's kind of interested in discussing what was in his barf and analyzing the whole experience. Bleah. Earlier I slept for four hours on the couch while he played video games; that was good. I think by tomorrow we may be able to go back to school/work and see how it goes. We won't be 100% yet, but hopefully the barfing has passed and our temperatures will be back to normal. The kiddo's was 99.4F this morning and mine was 101.3F. After I took ibuprofen, it went down to about 99.4, but now it's back up to 101.1. What the heck? Maybe I'll get a flu shot next year. My dad would like that a lot. He's a HUGE flu shot advocate.

Now I get to clean Mini-Wheats and cottage cheese (milk) out of the sink. Yay. Then back to sitting in front a space heater turned up so high it might burn my non-fire-retardant pajamas.

The friend who had surgery yesterday came through the procedure fine; now she has about eight weeks of recovery to look forward to. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts/prayers if you can. Thanks.