Monday, February 02, 2009

Short Pity Party, Then Back to Business...

Man, I think the last time I barfed was when I was pregnant. Well, prior to TODAY. My son had a 103-ish temp. all weekend, and last night I started getting the chills as well. Today...big headache, some fever, and two vomiting episodes.

Feels so good...when it's over.

Needless to say, we're both staying home today. The kiddo was scared just now when he heard me throwing up, so I had to reassure him that I was okay when I was done. The kiddo's dad is out of town for the week, so I don't have anyone to hand the kiddo off to; I hope I'm much better by tonight.

The kiddo just hollered up the stairs that I should under no circumstances use his toothbrush. As if I ever did or would!! Wonder where that came from.

This is a lonely parenting day.

A friend is having a total hysterectomy today, so I need to shift back out of poor-me mode. After all, I would choose today's illness over surgery. If you could please keep her in your thoughts/prayers, I would appreciate it. She deserves good health and peace.