Saturday, October 04, 2008

But If I'd Dreamt This Years Ago Would I Have Known What It Meant?

The other night I dreamt I married the kiddo's dad. The reason for our marrying was unclear, but I was aware that we were doing it for the kiddo's dad's benefit.

I had to pick out my own wedding ring. By myself.

The ring I chose was a single piece of carved ivory and didn't match the kiddo's dad's ring at all. The image on top of the ring was rather intricate, something like a butterfly, a lion's head, or a strawberry.

When I showed the ring to the kiddo's dad, he was underwhelmed. "Good," he said, and looked away as I stood there expectantly.

I asked if I should go home to my house, or come with him to his, and he told me offhand to do whatever I wanted.

It's hard to remember any other dream of mine that was more clear.