Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's Okay to Hope, Isn't It?

Holy cow. I must have really turned a corner, because this is the first night in over a week that my throat has not been aching by nightfall. I just realized it now! Last night I spent a lot of time awake and coughing, in between having fitful little dreams about a really lovely ex-boyfriend from long ago. Maybe tonight I'll actually get to sleep -- wouldn't mind more dreams, though! ;^)

In other news, I found one of Suzy-dawg's teeth on the floor by her crate. Argh! I don't know if it came out recently or if it was just stuck in the blankets in her crate and was shaken loose when she was stomping around in there (and boy, does she ever stomp! I could hear her down in the garage!). I saved the tooth and showed the kiddo after school today; he was impressed at first, then remembered: GROSS! I jokingly said maybe we should put Suzy's tooth under her pillow and see if the doggie tooth fairy comes, and my son actually looked hopeful. What would the doggie tooth fairy bring? Treats, I guess! Suzy was missing teeth when she first came to us, but has been chewing her dry dog food like a trooper. Just the same, I poured a little warm water on her food tonight and she gobbled it down in half the time. Hmm. I'd better get in touch with her owner and see about taking her to the vet for a dental exam.

I talked with my delightfully analytical client today and had a great conversation. She'd narrowed down her questions to the most pertinent ones, and we still talked about her paper for about 90 minutes. She also said she hadn't slept last night, so I hope she was able to do some writing after we talked. I want to help her meet her deadline, but I need her material. It's too bad she doesn't live nearby -- she seems like someone who'd be nice to know socially.

Ah, finding myself craving company these days and feeling good about it. Lots of positive changes happening. :-)