Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Lid for Every Pot

Lately the kiddo has been asking questions about me and his dad. When I recently told him I had a secret to tell him (we were going somewhere special), he asked with a grin, "Do you have a boyfriend?" I told him I didn't, and he said, "Maybe Daddy could be your boyfriend! He's a pretty nice guy!" I smiled and told him that was a fine idea and Daddy is indeed a nice guy [to children, but I didn't say this], but I would probably get a different boyfriend someday -- someone who's also very nice.

Today after school (oh yes, he went back to school today at long last!), the kiddo told me, "I hope when I grow up, I meet a woman I like even more than I like [current supercrush] and get married to her and have kids." I told him that sounded really, really nice and that I was sure he would indeed meet someone amazing and get married when he's a grownup. "I bet [kid at school] won't find anyone to marry him because of that thing on his lip," he said. Oh, sure, I said, he'll find someone -- someone will marry him. "How do you know?" the kiddo asked. Well, I said, have you ever heard this funny expression? There's a lid for every pot. Do you know what that means? "That there's someone for every person?" the kiddo asked. Yep, I said. "Then why aren't you married?" he asked me. Well, I told him, I just haven't found the right lid yet. "You could marry Daddy!" he said. Ah, I said, I don't think that'll happen, dear. "Why not?" he asked. Well, it just didn't work out with us, I told him. "How do you know?" he said. "You and Daddy hardly ever talk! You never even gave it a try. You and Daddy could be boyfriend and girlfriend," he insisted.

I put my arm around him as we sat together on the couch. It's a complicated thing, I said, but Daddy and I did try being boyfriend and girlfriend a long time ago. "When?" he demanded. Before you were born, sweetie, I told him. It just didn't work out. Remember how it didn't work out with Daddy and [most recent girlfriend]? "Yeah," he said. "Did you kiss him on the lips?" Uh-huh, I said. "Then stick out your tongue," he told me. I stuck out my tongue and he reached out to touch it before I quickly dodged his little hand. What are you doing, I asked. "Trying to wipe off your tongue from the germs!" he giggled. Oh, don't worry, I said, laughing, I've brushed my teeth hundreds of times since then. "Good," he said.

You know, honey, I told him, I just want to make sure you understand this, because I don't want you to be disappointed that Daddy and I won't be getting married.

"I'm already disappointed," he said.