Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Favorite Color Used to Be Pink

Hoo-boy. Because my son brings home all germs known to mankind, and because I'm around his school so often, I'm now not only coughing, but I'm also rocking a nice case of pinkeye.

Anyone wanna kiss me? ;^)

I had drops left over from when I had pinkeye last year, so I've been using those. But geez, who gets pinkeye as an adult? Prior to last year, the last time I had pinkeye was when I was about six years old, and now I've had it twice in less than 365 days. Feh.

Last week I visited the kiddo's school at lunchtime to give him his inhaler and some cough medicine. We sat on the retaining wall by the playground and chatted for a bit, and he asked me to watch him play kickball. A few minutes later, a couple of girls who knew me from last year (I volunteered weekly in the kiddo's kindergarten class) ran over to say hello. "Hi, [kiddo]'s mom," said H. "My hair is wavy. It's not really curly. It's really more wavy." She sat down and scooched right up next to me so she could check out my earrings and visitor's badge and watch. The kid is like a little magpie and has always done this; she cracks me up. J. came over to tell me about her cousin, who's "not even one year older" than she, and to tell me her grandmother is going to sign her up for soccer next year. My son ran back and forth between his game and me, grabbing hugs before heading out to kick the ball again.

It's a good thing the little germ-infested monkeys are so gosh-darn cute. I'm just sayin'. ;^)