Friday, February 29, 2008

And Guess What I'm Praying For

The kiddo did indeed get to go on his trip to see his favorite baseball team at spring training in Arizona, and so far has called me twice (once upon arrival yesterday and once this morning) to tell me all about the wonderful hotel room he and his dad are in.

"Mom, the carpet is GREEN, just like Daddy's carpet! And there's a DESK in here! And TWO PHONES! And guess what Daddy brought in the cooler -- milk and peanut butter and bread and FROZEN WAFFLES AND SYRUP and lots of other stuff! We're putting it in the refrigerator in our hotel room right now! And there's a fitness center down the hall! And there's a coffee maker! Have you ever been in a hotel, Mom? This hotel is right across from the stadium! And one bad thing, Mom -- there's no Nick Jr. (cartoons) here, but there is the Disney Channel, which really isn't as good, but at least they have that. And guess what else -- you can hook up VIDEO GAMES to the TV and I can tell because there's a CONTROLLER on top of the TV! And we have a KING-SIZE BED! And that's a good thing because we're BOYS, NOT GIRLS!"

I swear, he was over the moon and they hadn't even watched the exhibition game yet. I'm happy for my little monkey, and so glad he called to tell me his exciting news.

Yesterday, when I met him and his dad after school to wish him bon voyage and bring a couple of requested items for the trip, the kiddo ran over, hugged me and quietly said, "When I got out of school and Daddy didn't see you at first, he said, 'Oh, Jesus!'"

I just smiled and let it pass (it's typical behavior for my ex, after all), but I should've told him Daddy must have been praying. Ahem.

Now I think I'll eat some good ice cream and watch grownup shows on television while I have the chance! ;^)