Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Someone to Watch Over Me

Okay, can I just say something? I am really ready to be rid of this cold. I woke up with a stopped-up ear and it's still stopped and painful after a hot shower. I was up during the night, taking care of the kiddo. He's on the mend, but is still having a few coughing fits during the night. Not too much coughing, if any, during the day, however. Tomorrow he has an eye doctor appointment that I made a while ago. Since making that appointment, the kiddo ruptured a little blood vessel in his eye when he was coughing and throwing up last week, so we'll have that checked as well, although I'm sure it'll resolve on its own.

But back to me. I am cranky. I have work to do and I feel crummy. I wish someone would come over and take care of me for a while.

Okay, back to reality, where editing and demanding clients await. I just popped two extra-strength Tylenol and am about to take a decongestant in the hope that it'll reduce the pressure in my ear. I'm feeling much more sympathetic toward my dad and his lifelong ear troubles. He's almost deaf in one ear, so when he gets sick, he can't hear much, if at all.

On the bright side, it's sunny out today and there's food in the house, so I don't have to worry about that. I called the urgent care facility that I saw on Sunday, and asked if the doctor could write me a prescription without my coming in. I know you medical professionals love that. ;^) But I just can't take the added expense of another doctor visit right now. (They're going to call me back, but it doesn't look great.) Okay, now I'm just making myself sad. Off to take the decongestant and hope for the best. It's times like this that I wish I were married, or maybe not an adult. I want to be looked after for today.

*** Update: Well, the doctor (the one I saw on Sunday) called me back earlier today. We spoke, he looked at my file, and he phoned in a couple of prescriptions for me. I may be a little in love with him now because of this. Regardless, I picked up a prescription for an antibiotic and took the first dose before leaving the pharmacy. On the way out, the kiddo and I ran into his teacher, who was also sick and had had foot surgery last week. It was nice to see her, and I was glad I'd showered. Tonight I'm wrapping up some work and will be going to bed very soon. Tomorrow the kiddo has that appointment with the eye doctor, and we'll need to be out of the house by about 8:15. No lollygagging allowed tomorrow morning (although I may do a bit of it when we get back home). ***