Monday, March 05, 2007

Yet Another Girlfriend

My son wants a piece of paper. "So I can draw a picture for B.," he tells me. "Actually, she told me to make it for her."


I tell him he can have some paper, but that he doesn't have to draw a picture unless he really wants to. He wants to. "Because if I don't, B. won't be very happy tomorrow," he says.

Hmph. I'd brought the kiddo's lunch to school today and sat with him and B. She hadn't struck me as a pushy broad, but I'd been wrong before.

So now the kiddo is on the floor, drawing a picture of him and B., all smiles, coloring more than I've ever seen him color before. "B. said I should put three hearts on it, but maybe I'll put more. Maybe I'll put ten," he tells me.

I hope B. likes my son's picture. (If I don't keep it for myself, that is.) ;-)