Thursday, March 01, 2007

Is It Bad If I Put Gin in My Thermos?

Phew. It's my day to volunteer in the kiddo's kindergarten class and I'm home for lunch. This morning I stayed in the classroom with M. and S. while the others went to the assembly, because the kids hadn't finished their project. It was a very challenging time. M. has some emotional problems and S. is a little instigator. I was actually a little bit scared that M. was going to flip out on me; he's large and strong for a kindergartner, and very impulsive and emotional.

I felt like a broken record: "Oh, I see S. is making good choices! I think M. is about to make some good choices, too! Oh, M. is making good choices! I bet S. is just about to make a good choice...M., please put the stick away. S., please do not spank M. Please sit in your chair. Oh, you're almost finished with your project! Good gluing! M., please stay in the classroom. Stay in the classroom. Do not go outside. Stay in the classroom. Are you making good choices, M.? S., you're only in charge of yourself. Please do not tell M. what to do. No, nobody is a poopy butt here. I see only good boys. Good job! Who's making good choices here?"

Shoot me now.