Monday, January 29, 2007

Guilt Deferred

Okay, I just edited Wikipedia. I think I've hit a new level of nerdiness, per Weird Al.


In other news, the kiddo's birthday weekend was a smash. He had a ball with his dad's side of the family on Saturday, and had a blast with my side on Sunday (or was it a blast and a ball...?). As promised, the traditional, magical "nightstand present" appeared when the kiddo awoke on Sunday, and that night, as he was falling asleep and was getting cranky, he complained that although everyone else had given him a present, I hadn't. Turkey. ;^) Of course, I didn't reveal the source of the nightstand present. I'll save the guilt reciprocation for another day. Muah-ha-ha... ;^)

Today I seem to be catching the kiddo's cold, and I must say, I do not approve at all. All last week, I washed and Purelled my hands and ingested great quantities of every vitamin known to man, and I believe I should have been rewarded for my heroic efforts by not getting sick. Phooey. Nevertheless, in the event that said vitamins have any actual or placebo effect, I'll continue taking them in the hope that the cold doesn't last long. I have a metric buttload of work to do, and it would be nice if I didn't have to contend with illness right now.

Hope you're all well, or on the mend (in some cases)!