Friday, March 07, 2014

Tap-Tap-Tap...Is This Thing On?

So look. I've been away for a while. But I'm back. At least I think I am. Before I say anything of note, let's see if this thing is still working!  :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Here's What's Been Going On

I just had a custody hearing on Friday...and won. It had been hanging over my head for months, and it was the second time my son's dad had tried to get custody. My son's dad is unfortunately not a man of character. I'm debating with myself about how much to share here...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preaching and Teaching Acceptance and Love

This makes me want to cry. If it were to follow its own logic -- that they're simply following the teachings of the Catholic church -- the archdiocese should start expelling children of parents who have had abortions, or who use birth control. But why stop there? Expel children of parents who are who are divorced, who support euthanasia, and who have had sex outside of marriage. Expel children of parents who have practiced anything that "goes against" church teachings.

If God is love, and if the church's intent is to lead people to Christ, it must accept ALL PEOPLE.

"Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'" -- Matthew 19:14 (New International Version)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Attack

Last week I did art with second-graders. It was like herding cats! Cute, quirky, adorable, defiant, creative, wandering, sassy, sloppy, funny cats!! ;^)

It was a fundraising project. The kids draw pictures and the parents are supposed to buy tote bags, coffee mugs, mousepads, etc. with their kids' drawings on them. I suggested the kids draw themselves or their favorite place.

Questions: "Can we draw weapons? Can I draw my mom? Can I draw myself with my favorite place in the background? Can I draw my dog? Can I draw Washington, DC? Can I draw a made-up place? Can I draw anything else besides those things?" OY. ;^)

We had only 40 minutes for the project. Some kids dug in right away, and others started meticulously sketching with pencils. Argh! Just color already! ;^) One kid drew a train on the front of his paper, and started to draw Washington, DC, on the back, then had a major confidence crisis and wanted to start over. I finally moved him to a table away from the other kid who was kinda harshing his vibe, and convinced him to stick with the train picture. It turned out super cute.

One kid just drew a ton of stick figures holding light sabers, and wrote the names of every Star Wars character he could think of.

Another kid drew a very artistic view of her living room, complete with detailed armchair, TV, and dog, incl. paw prints leading to the door.

One kid kept getting up to see what everyone else was doing, and did NOT like it when I told her (repeatedly) to sit down and finish her picture. When I put my hands on her shoulders once to guide her back to her seat, her body stiffened up; I tipped her backward a tiny bit for fun (like I do with my son), and she was my buddy from that point on.

Another kid drew his face, and when I playfully pointed out that he hadn't added freckles like I saw on his face, he smacked his forehead and exclaimed, " I KNEW you were going to say that!" Then he added freckles. ;^)

Two kids drew castles and peace signs and rainbows. They were the groovy girls.

One kid drew McDonald's, one kid drew Denny's, and one kid drew Wal-Mart.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Truth Shall Set Your Stomach Free?

This morning on the way to school, the kiddo told me he had a stomachache. He didn’t feel feverish, so I told him I’d still send him to school, but if his stomach didn’t get better, he could go to the office and the office ladies would call me.

After a bit more consideration and conversation, he finally blurted out, "Okay! I spit out my vitamin in the toilet!" Hmm. Miraculously, no more stomachache after that!

Much to his confusion, I just laughed and laughed. If only all illnesses and problems could be so simple!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Nope, No Way, No How

I'm rediscovering my ability to say NO.

It's not like I've never said it before. Goodness knows I say it a hundred times a week when my son asks me if I can buy him the latest video game (when he just got a new game the week before).

And if you were to ask my ex, he'd tell you I say NO to life, when really it's just that I say NO to his trampling all over my boundaries.

My latest accomplishment: saying NO to having my time wasted. At the upscale mall the other night, I passed one of the many kiosks with salespeople standing out front, trying to get the attention of passersby. Now, it's not like I've stopped at every single one of these when beckoned. However, I've always felt a teensy bit uncomfortable when demurring. Let's face it. I want to be liked. I don't want to be thought of as a bitch. There, now you know.

But the other night, when a Kiosk Guy stepped out, made eye contact with me and said, "Miss, may I ask you a question?" I looked him right in the eye and pointedly said NO.

And damn, that felt good.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is it one o'clock yet?

Today the kiddo and I get to celebrate our Christmas tradition -- we're going to the Hotel Del Coronado, where I'll give him a couple of small gifts and we'll have dinner. We'll watch the ice skaters (HDC puts up a temporary rink each year) for a while and maybe even walk on the beach (since the hotel is right on the sand), and admire the giant Christmas tree in the lobby as we sit on a velvet couch and enjoy our time together. :-) Afterward, we'll go home and finish putting ornaments on our own tree, then turn off all the lights (except for the tree lights) and just hang out, "like they did in olden times," as the kiddo says. ;^)

I can't wait to leave the office!!