Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sometimes you Feel Like a...Well...Er...

The kiddo is sleeping the sleep of the freshly Children's N*y*q*u*i*l-dosed. Yes, he is sick again, although this time it's just a cold and not that awful, vomity flu we had a little while back. I'm typing in his room because he wanted me to keep him company while he fell asleep, and now he's making cute little snuffly-moany noises like he did when he was a baby. Well, the noises would be cute if they didn't mean he's sick. :-(

Anyway, today I was a bad mom and let him play baseball. He had no fever and wasn't coughing a lot, and he wanted to play (and one of our pastors was scheduled to attend and he was excited about that), so I gave him some cough medicine and let him play. He did just fine until the cough medicine wore off and then...BAM. The game was over by then, so we went home to let him rest. He still has very little appetite (all he ate today was a bite of a roll and four little cheese-and-cracker dealies after the game), but he's happy and I know his appetite will come back when he's ready.

At today's game, a mom friend told me I should write down a little story I told her last week, so I'm writing it here. The kiddo's dad plays baseball in an adult league, and the kiddo gets to sit in the dugout with the old, the players. (The kiddo wears a helmet to protect him from foul balls.) One guy asked the kiddo if he could think of ten body parts* that contain only three letters. "Well," said the guy, "I guess there are really eleven, but I don't want you to think about that last one." The kiddo immediately emerged from the dugout to ask my help in compiling a list. Together we thought of eight body parts and then we were stumped.

"We could write down the one Mr. Jack said not to think of," the kiddo offered. I agreed to write it down opposite our list, with a little "Oh no!" face. Still, I told the kiddo, that word is slang and doesn't really count. The kiddo thought and thought, then eagerly exclaimed, "I know one!" I asked him what he'd come up with.


That's boys for ya. ;^)

* Go here for the list.