Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just When I Think I've Seen the Last of Weird Dog Behavior

Today we had the front door open for a few minutes, and the primary dog disappeared. At first I thought he'd gone upstairs, but a quick check confirmed his absence.

Where was he?

Oh...pooping in the neighbor's bedroom.

Our neighbor TWO DOORS DOWN moved out today and her patio door was open, so I guess the primary dog assumed her Berber was a beautiful poop on! The new owners are moving in tomorrow (so fast!), so they'll probably be glad to encounter the bigole wet spot where I sprayed carpet cleaner.

That dog is lucky we love him.

In other news, my sister and I built bunkbeds for the kiddo today, and said kiddo is now peacefully asleep in the top bunk. Naturally I'll be checking on him, like, a million times to make sure he's not anywhere close to falling out of bed.

I'm a little bit like that. Ahem. ;-)