Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Nobody Likes a Frowner"

I am ruminating. Where to start?

Much to my relief, the kiddo has recovered and started school.

I can't believe I'm the mom of a second grader.

My period has been unusually light this time around, and a woman at work helpfully told me she reached menopause at age 42. Guess how old I'll be next month?

And I've done something to my foot, although I can't recall any specific moment of injury (so maybe it's cumulative?). Thought I'd sprained my big toe, the the pain migrated to the ball of my foot and although there's no obvious swelling, I can't flex my toes much. Walking was mighty tough for about five days, and it seems to be getting better now if I don't push it, but WTF? I don't wear ridiculous shoes - moderate wedges at work and flip-flops the rest of the time, which have never caused me trouble.

And my ex is being so nice and reasonable lately that I'm half-wondering if he's medicated. If he had been this way eight years ago, I'd never have moved out. But the damage is done (that is, I will never totally trust him) and I'm still working on my new life, while cautiously enjoying the lull in tension between us.

I met a very cool mom at my son's swimming lessons, and for a change, she actually asked to exchange numbers. (Usually I'm the one who wants to keep in touch with potential friends.) I'm going to give her a call and see if she wants to get together this weekend for coffee and a gab. She's a research librarian at the city paper and incredibly interesting. I emailed another mom-friend about getting together with the kids soon. It's nice to have female friends. I should've listened to my dad when I was a kid and he was trying to encourage me to focus on platonic friendships. Better late than never. ;^)

And speaking of friends, another topic for my list: my college roommate who has a brain tumor and is kicking ass and who is curiously and unusually, yet sometimes understandably, different and distant.