Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Dogs Might Be Out to Get Me

Well, I tried letting the dogs run loose when we're not home, but that experiment...did not yield the desired results ;-) so I've resumed confining the dogs when we go out. Needless to say, they don't exactly like this, but they seem resigned to it. Nevertheless, Suzy seems to find ways to keep me busy. The other night when I took the kiddo to swimming lessons, I hastily gated her in the bathroom. (Slider is occupying her crate for now.) When we returned home she was wet, assumably from having climbed into (and out of!) the toilet. Fabulous. Off the the bath she went, to become once again fluffy and sweet-smelling.

Today we came home and took the dogs for their usual walk. Along the way, Slider amused us with his three-legged poop-spin. It's like a poop breakdance the way he turns around several times on three legs before balancing to poop while he holds one leg up in the air. Good thing he doesn't seem to mind being laughed at in his vulnerable moments.

All was fine, and we came home to give the doggies some water and let them relax. I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands as I made a phone call (always multi-tasking), followed by the dogs, and turned around to find a fresh pile of barf right behind me. Why Suzy couldn't have done this outside is beyond me. How to keep her out of Slider's food is another head-scratcher.

No boredom over here. Nope.