Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's Always This Way

Today at the store, the kiddo decided to walk instead of riding in the cart. Usually I like to keep him in the cart (in the main part -- the seat is obviously way too small for an almost-seven-year-old) so I can face him and talk with him...and not hear complaints about how much time we're spending in the store. Lately, though, the kiddo has discovered that by walking, he can grab everything off the shelves, thrust items in front of my face, and beg me to buy them. That's a lot of fun for everyone and doesn't impact our schedule at all. Ahem. Anyway, today he wanted to play his new G*me B*y game while he was walking behind me. I noticed that other shoppers were forced to watch out for him in order to avoid collisions; he clearly wasn't watching out for them. When I suggested that he put away his game and watch where he was going, he replied, "Geez, Mom, I do know about peripheral vision!" First I laughed, then I told him to get over himself and give me the game. Luckily for him, he complied. ;^)