Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kids = Comedy

Flea's husband (of One Good Thing) got a kick out of my funny little story about an embarrassing moment involving my Little Sister. Although I can think of other stories that I found funnier, mine made #9 on his short list, and I feel so very honored. I just love Flea's blog; she's a wonderful writer and I always look forward to her new entries like crazy.

If you want to exercise those abs a little bit by laughing a whole lot, you can read everyone's embarrassing stories about their kids in the comments on Flea's original post, or you can check out the final list for a quick fix.

You should know, though, that a lot of the stories include names of body parts or, er, bodily functions, and might not be safe for anyone with a delicate constitution.

You have been warned. ;^)