Monday, May 14, 2007

London, France Put on Alert

Yesterday my son and I celebrated Mother's Day at Balboa Park, arriving in time for the last quarter of the weekly concert at Spreckels Organ Pavilion. Afterward, we strolled along, observing flowers and people. A young bride was having her picture taken on one of the lawns, so I pointed her out to the kiddo and told him the pretty lady in the long, white dress was going to get married. The kiddo asked if we could stay and watch, but I said she was just getting her picture taken and would probably get married later if she hadn't already. He studied her for a moment before we walked away, then asked, " she wearing shorts under that big dress?" I said no, grownup ladies usually don't wear shorts under their dresses. "Oh," he said, thinking for a minute, "so if her dress went up or something, all that private stuff would be there underneath?" I tried not to laugh, and said no, she was probably wearing underpants. "Ah!" he said. "Right! Underpants!" ;^)