Friday, June 29, 2007


Well, my dad got his pacemaker this morning at about 8:30, and my sister just called to say everything went extremely well. My sister and my mom are at the hospital right now, and she and my other sister will take turns keeping Mom company so she doesn't have to be alone at home today. She's still got about four weeks left on her recovery from intestinal surgery, so she isn't feeling a hundred percent just yet. I told the kiddo about Grandpa's pacemaker, and he was momentarily concerned because "[his] heart sometimes beats really fast, like when [he's] excited about a video game or something!" I told him that was normal. ;^)

Today the kiddo is performing in a play put on by his summer theater class. He gets to be a dragon and "a good ninja of the present." Well! The kids will have costumes, too, and a little cast party afterward. Time to take a shower, pack up the party snacks and bust out the video camera!