Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Personal Cheerleader

There's nothing like shopping with a kindergartner. Today we took an an after-school trip to get the kiddo another pair of shoes that might feel better on his feet. His new Cars shoes aren't always comfortable, and he's already worn them all over the place, so I doubt we can return them. (I'd bought them when he was at school, because he hates to shop. Ah, live and learn.) Personally, I think the Cars shoes just need more breaking in, but I bought another pair of shoes in a style he's already had, so he can transition a bit. Of course, the selection process included lying on the floor to make "snow angels," then running like crazy up and down the aisles. And no, I wasn't the one doing these things.

I also spent some time trying on jeans, and wound up buying one pair of blue jeans with fancy-schmancy pockets, and one pair of tan pants with some detailing on them. It's been a long time since I've had jeans. Skirts, yes. Track pants, yes. But jeans?? I think my last pair was my beloved Eddie Bauer button fly jeans I wore back in 1994. I'm definitely not wearing an eight any more. Ahem. Anyway, the kiddo was with me in the dressing room yesterday, and kept commenting loudly as I tried on each pair: "Oh, you look so CUTE IN THOSE! I can see the back of your UNDERPANTS in those! I hope you get those ones, Mommy! Hey, you look really cute in your T-shirt and underpants, Mommy!" Keep in mind there were lots of people on all sides of the dressing room. So enjoyable.

One thing I will say is that he's infinitely positive, so if you want to borrow him for your next shopping trip, just let me know. ;-)