Friday, November 17, 2006

No One Said "Pretty Funny"

Today when I volunteered at school, I brought little round stickers for the kids, who got the bright idea to put them on their foreheads bindi-style after one little girl did so -- too funny to see half the kindergartners very seriously going about their work with stickered foreheads. I learned very quickly that it's a major time-waster to allow children to choose their own stickers, since they're little shoppers and have to look at every single freaking one and decide if it's worth taking one that might turn out to be a smidge less groovy than another sticker, so I kept the sticker page face down and chose for them. Just for fun, I ran a little experiment and asked each kid, "Do you want a funny one or a pretty one?" They didn't see the stickers before answering the question; all of the stickers showed pictures of cartoon bugs and none were overtly funny or pretty -- just cute. Anyway, 100% of the boys chose funny, and 100% of the girls chose pretty. I hadn't expected the boys to choose pretty, although they could have and that would've been cool; however, I was surprised that absolutely no girls chose funny. Next time I'm going to choose two adjectives that are a little more similar and less gender-biased (so "pretty" is out), like "funny" and "strange" or "special" and "cool" or something like that -- all for my own amusement, of course. ;-)