Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Golly, I Love Parentheses

Ah, the wee one returned this morning with his cold (still) and a humidifier, the latter courtesy of his dad, who'd offered, so I accepted. Our upstairs is rather small and consists of two bedrooms joined by a bathroom, so after our vaporizer died last year I just ran the shower on straight hot if I ever wanted the moisten the air upstairs, and that worked great. It's nice to have the new machine, though, especially if we want to put it downstairs. I must admit, although the water level seems to be lower than it was a few hours ago, I don't directly notice a difference in the air, like I did when I used the shower to steam the place up, but I have to assume that the water is going somewhere. (It's not leaking into the rug; I checked.)

So now the humidifier is running and the wee one is sleeping, although he awoke around 2:00 and has had a little trouble falling back to sleep. He told me, half-asleep, that he was "feeling needy." When I asked why, he said he'd had a scary dream. Poor thing. (A few minutes ago, he called me in again to tell me he was sad, and I promised him he would feel much happier in the morning. Ah, to be able to promise such a thing and know the universe will make good on it.) Earlier today he floored me by using almost all of his weekly school vocabulary words in one sentence when he said something like, "Mommy, sometimes you have a peculiar expression, but I always see a glimmer in your eyes..." I don't remember the other two words; I was laughing too darned hard after the first three. He delights me so.

My head is still somewhat full of snot, although less so than yesterday, and hey, a little progress is all one can ask for sometimes. Since I forgot to change my voter registration in time and am still registered at my parents' address, and because there are some propositions that I feel particularly strong about, tomorrow I will make the gigantic drive to my folks' neighborhood after school to vote and say hi to my parents. I predict that the kiddo and I will be greeted uncomfortably, as we are germ bearers and my dad doesn't handle germs well (he has only one semi-good ear and tries desperately to avoid getting colds that will stop up that ear), so we won't stay long. It's just as well, as I want to get the kiddo into bed tomorrow night as close to the regular time as possible. Last night (tonight?) I put him down about half an hour early and he fell asleep; I'm guessing he needed it after staying up a little late at his dad's house. Now we're back to Mommy's draconian schedule. (Insert evil cackle here.)

Speaking of which, I need to try to get back to sleep. Maybe I'll break down and have half a dose of Nyquil. I'd been trying to manage this cold unmedicated, but we have a full day ahead tomorrow. Hmm. Must think about that. Must also tear myself away from the computer before I start to actually do real work in the middle of the night. Trying to break that habit. Argh.