Thursday, October 12, 2006

He's Full of It, All Right

Today while I was working, the kiddo played a video game that became more challenging than usual, and he was frustrated and wanted my help. Hey, I may not be a video game expert, but I've seen enough of them by now that I can make suggestions like "Maybe you can bounce on the walls to get across the water," and "There has to be a secret switch somewhere. Have you used the banana launcher to make the monkey stand on that spot over there?" I have a high enough success rate that my son now consults me, of all people, on the tight spots he gets into. So today he was diligently trying to get to the next level of some game, and he came in to ask for help, but I had more calls to make and really couldn't take the time right at that moment. His cheeks were pink and the sun was shining into the room he'd been in, so I asked him if he was too hot in there. "No, but I'm full of anger," he said calmly as he walked out. Cracks me up.