Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yesterday I discovered a set of hinged chopstick-type thingies in my purse. They'd been there since the Fourth of July, when my sister generously gave my son some gummi bugs that came with the hinged apparatus, which has a red light in the tip and therefore makes the gummi bugs appear to glow when you pick them up. Naturally my son was more enthralled with the device than with the candy itself, which was fine with me. He never wants to gorge himself on candy, and I often question whether he's really my son. But I digress. So yesterday I pulled out these things and gave them to my son to play with, and he promptly pronounced them "Japanese pliers." Which is exactly what they look like, when you think about it.

That kid cracks me up. Of course, since I laughed at the Japanese pliers reference yesterday, he's been saying it all day today, so the name is losing its oomph. But when it comes to beating a perfectly good joke to death, yes...he's definitely my son. ;^)