Thursday, May 18, 2006

Polly Wanna Leave My Garage Alone?

Wow. Today a chirping, chittering (they really have an electrical crackling sound), swooping flock of birds set about diving between my building and the one behind it (and roosting under the eaves of the building behind me). They stayed for maybe 30 minutes or more, and there were at least 40 of them. And they were LOUD. I've never seen anything like it here before. They didn't look like parrots to me, but the woman at Animal Control said they probably were. What an event! The kiddo and I watched out the window for a few minutes before I got nervous about encouraging him to stand near the third-story windows. Then the birds finally swooped outta here and left things as quiet as they were before.

Now they're back. Really, it's like The Birds out there. Unbelievable.