Monday, May 15, 2006

The other night, the kiddo and I were at Wal-Mart, shoulder to shoulder with the bargain-seeking masses, letting their massive carts block the aisle and generally creating a fairly quiet traffic jam in the greeting card aisle. As I evaluated various cards (pretty enough? sappy enough?), my son examined the groceries scattered around him in the cart.

"I'm gonna eat this!" he announced, holding up a box of mac-n-cheese. "And, oh good, we got bread!" Squish. "Look, I can stack it right on top of the peanut butter!"

I'm very good at aha-ing and mmhmm-ing at my son's commentary while going about my business, so I practiced this a bit while nudging my way deeper into the card-seeking crowd.

"What's this?" my son asked. "I said, WHAT IS THIS?"

I turned around in time to see him hold a box of pantiliners over his head. "Are these the things that go RIGHT HERE on you?" he asked loudly as he poked his finger very deliberately into his crotch. "I said, ARE THESE THE THINGS THAT GO RIGHT HERE ON YOU?" Poke-poke-poke.

That's why yesterday my mom got a silly card with a mouse on it and some verbiage I can't remember.

And why I might start paying more attention to my son's shopping cart ramblings in the future.