Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Grow It, Show It

So the kiddo is coming back in about 40 minutes and I'm excited. I'm already planning an outing to the park to climb around and play soccer. Is it my imagination or is the weather just more beautiful today? ;^)

In other news, I am so sick of my hair. It's very long (about to the small of my back), mainly because I've been too cheap to get my hair cut. Hey, if I'm not going to spend money on my son's hair, you know I'm not going to spend it on mine when it's content to just hang there. The thing is, it's naturally gray and it's very difficult to color because of the length. In fact, I've had to resort to buying two boxes of color every month and something in me just can't accept that. The other thing about having such long hair is that it's heavy. And sweaty (at this time of year). And hard to detangle. And flat. Okay, so I mentioned more than one thing. Nevertheless, just when I resolve to get a haircut, I run into my next-door neighbor, who had a weave in order to wear long hair, and she tells me my hair looks pretty. I'll admit I'm enough of a ninny that this stalls my haircut plans. Hey, I love compliments, and my hair is the one thing about my appearance that I'm actually still relatively happy about at the moment. (More on that some other time.)

(I should mention that I know I should just be grateful for my hair and stop whining about it. Please know that I'm not whining, though. It's just a slow blogging day around here.) ;^)

Regardless, the hair inconvenience remains, and I long to grab a scissors and chop it off myself. The other day, however, I revisited Locks of Love to see what the minimum donation length is. Can you guess? Ten inches. I pulled out my trusty ruler and measured my hair, and I have maybe twice that. Not that I'm going to cut it all off. Rather, what I'm going to do is grow my hair until the end of summer and then have about a foot cut off. (Locks of Love does take colored hair in good condition -- I checked.) After all, I'm so close to having more than enough hair to spare. Why waste it now? Cutting off twelve inches at summer's end will leave me with a nice, shoulder-length 'do, which is what I wanted in the first place, and will make someone else happy. Go to the site and see the photos. They made me cry.

Anyway, now that I see myself as kind of a temporary surrogate hair-grower, I feel much better about dealing with this mop. Now...off to wait for my son, who's now due in 20 minutes!

Yay! :-)