Friday, January 06, 2006

Summertime in January

Nothing all that earthshaking to report here; things are perfectly imperfect, as always. I worked all day yesterday on a client's dissertation, my son has departed for his dad's house, and this morning the TV is refusing to produce sound and won't display certain channels. This last thing wouldn't be a real issue, except that I would really like to kick back and watch a show that I taped after spending all yesterday glued to the computer. The TV issue has happened before, and the cable company told me it has to do with the VCR's accumulated magnetic particles or something that interfere with the cable signal. I'm supposed to get a cleaning cassette and run it through the VCR...or disconnect the VCR entirely. The last time this happened, I just switched to an old VCR that my folks had lying around and that solved the problem. Today, however, I will either watch my tape with the captions on (and no sound) or spend money on the cleaning cassette and take my chances. Or I'll just throw the VCR out the window.

Then it's back to work for me -- housework and otherwise. Later I'll take a walk outside and maybe even transplant a few growing things on the deck. You folks in snowy states may hate me for telling you it's a beautiful 84 degrees F here today. I'm so not kidding. Summertime in January.

Time to break out the shorts. ;^)