Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stuck Stick

Well, today's been fun so far. The kiddo swallowed a small lollipop stick when he was at the barbershop with his dad this morning. From what I could gather, he was playing his GameBoy and was distracted enough that when he felt something in his mouth, he automatically started to swallow it, and when his dad looked over at him, he noticed the kiddo has a strange look on his face and was coughing a bit. (I remembered Flea's hair-raising story about her son choking on a hard candy at the hair salon. Awful!) He verified that the kiddo was breathing and able to talk, scooped him up and shot over to the doctor's, possibly stopping at the hospital first (?) -- I wasn't sure.

Anyway, the kiddo will be fine (the four-inch stick is made of paper and you know what will happen to *that* in a day or two), but there's nothing like getting an unexpected call from the pediatrician's office on a peaceful Saturday morning. I met the kiddo and his dad for lunch so I could talk to the kiddo and snuggle him up. (He was bawling when I talked to him on the phone from the doctor's office.) The kiddo ate plenty of food and drank plenty, so his dad is just going to keep an eye on him and call me if anything changes. His dad is actually very good about this sort of stuff, and I know he'll be very watchful. Ah, the fun of having a wee one...