Monday, December 27, 2004

Wishing You Good Things

It's a strange feeling to wake up after a weekend visiting family and having a nice time celebrating Christmas and each other, and turning on the computer and seeing images from the tsunamis. Totally discombobulating...and sad...and a reminder not to take things for granted...


My son and I drove up to my folks' house on Christmas and arrived at about 5:00. I felt a little bad about getting there so late in the day, but my son had been at his dad's on Christmas Eve and morning, and had spent some Christmas time at my house when he came back, and I didn't want to rush him too much. Also, I had more Christmas prep than I'd bargained for, since I made gifts for everyone this year and it took a lot longer than I'd expected. Yikes.

We had a lovely time with my family and spent the night there on an inflatable bed. This is one of the smartest decisions I've made in a while. Not only did I not have to drive home exhausted after Christmasing, I got to spend all day Sunday with my family, just relaxing and eating and hanging out. Relaxing, eating and hanging out -- all at the same time -- is greatly underrated.

Today we're getting back to normal. My son is playing with presents, I'm fighting a cold (which generously waited until after the holiday to appear, thank goodness), I've got an article due and we need groceries. 'S okay, though. Life is good, and we are grateful for it. I hope all of you got a chance to love your families or do things that make you happy this weekend, whether or not you celebrate Christmas.

Good things...