Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Preschool Fears

Today my son was "reading" a book about colors, and on the "red" page there are pictures of all sorts of fire trucks. He told me that "R-E-D" spelled "fire truck," and I was sort of trying to correct him, telling him it actually spells "red."

"No! It spells 'fire truck'!" he yelled.

"Well, actually, sweetie, it spells 'red.' Remember, when you go to school, the teacher will try to explain things to you and you need to try to listen and learn new things (blah-blah-blah, everything is about when he goes to school)."

He thought for a second, then walked over and, with his arms still at his sides, leaned his forehead forlornly against my hip like a little Charlie Brown, eyes downcast.

"Remember, Mommy, you said you would come to school with me."