Sunday, November 28, 2004

Deck the Halls, Light the Deck...Something Like That

My nemesis.

Okay, I just decided to give away the Christmas lights. Seriously. I already posted an ad on, offering them for free. I'd taken the box of lights out of the garage a day or two ago, thinking I'd be able to hang them on the deck. However, after untangling them, trying them out, burning my ankle when one bulb brushed against me, and hearing the tinkle of broken glass in a bag containing another string, I'd had enough. Those big retro bulbs are very cool, and I was feeling nostalgic about putting them up instead of the teensy white (and purple, and chili pepper) lights I also have, but they're obviously way too much for me to handle right now. Maybe someone else will have the patience to replace the burned-out bulbs and figure out which ones twinkle and which ones don't.

All that aside, I think I'm working too hard at the light project. This evening I went out on the deck to measure the railing and the height and width of the patio door. Somehow I think I may actually have to do some MATH (insert ominous music). Do you know what grade I got in math in high school (the last time I took a math class)? I had to get extra help from the teacher the first year, hire a tutor the second year, and sit in a remedial math class the third year. Thank goodness I didn't have to take math during my fourth year, or ever again. You should've seen my SATs -- way up on the language side and way down on the math side. That says it all.

So I measured the deck and measured the strings of lights I'd deemed suitable...and now I think I want to lie down for a while. Either that or I'm going to go out there and just fling the lights all over the place and if they don't look tidy, so be it.

Clearly I'm making much more of this than the situation warrants. There's a lesson in here, and it's not subtle. ;-)