Monday, November 22, 2004

Feelin' It in My Feet

Ouch. Posted by Hello

Omigosh. Yesterday I walked six miles with my neighbor, Pam, after not having walked so far for a long time. To be honest, I think the last time I walked that much was when my son was a baby and we were still living with his dad in Laguna Beach. I used to pop the kid in the stroller and walk all over town, since parking was scarce and I needed the exercise anyway. Last week or so, when I walked with my son by the lake, I thought that was strenuous. Turns out last week's walk was less than a mile, I believe. Yesterday's six-mile walk kicked my ass and reminded me that I need to do this more often. Pam walks twice this far every day, and we had a grand time chatting along the way (with me being a bit breathless), so think we'll be doing this again. I intend 2005 to be my healthiest year ever, so I'm getting a head start. ;-)