Sunday, November 21, 2004

You'd Better Knock (beat-beat) on Woo-ood...

Me in all my blurry glory. Note the craft table in the background.
Many masterpieces have been created there. Posted by Hello

We don't usually get lightning and thunder 'round these parts, but this morning I was awakened by LOUD, crackling lightning and LOUD thunder, only a fraction of a second apart. Oh, and lots of rain being blown against my window, which is right behind the head of my bed. Obviously no more sleeping was going to happen, so I pulled open the blinds for an unobscured look at the show, hoping my son wasn't too scared at his dad's house. [11-22-04: I asked him today and he said he was already up and playing his racing game on Daddy's TV, and he wasn't scared.] I was a tad concerned about a huge construction crane that has been parked in the lot across the street. It's not terribly close to my house, but it sticks right up in the air and I thought maybe it would get hit by lightning. It didn't. After a while, the rain let up and the sun came out! Southern California weather, I tell you.

Last night I went with my brother and his girlfriend to a Christmas show, courtesy of my brother's girlfriend, who generously scored the tickets for us. It was a lot of fun, although every so often I felt a twinge of guilt about getting Christmas-y before we'd even had Thanksgiving. Normally I'm a tad grumpy about things like shopping malls that start piping Christmas music through their P.A. system, but the show was fun, nonetheless. One young man sang a beautiful "Ave Maria," which made me cry because it was so beautiful and because the singer resembled a former classmate of mine who passed away recently.

My brother, his girlfriend and I had dinner together before the show, and I ate soooooo much. Hey, I was thrilled at the prospect of enjoying Real Grownup Food instead of the preschooler-fare I've been living on for a while now! It just hasn't seemed worthwhile to shop (and pay) for two separate menus each week. But last night there was rosemary! Garlic! Basil! Balsamic vinaigrette! Grownup conversation! ;-) Tremendous.

Well, my family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving on Thursday, so I'd best spend some time getting the place cleaned up. No, I did not finish it yesterday, despite my superhero getup. Maybe if I wear my tiara today that'll help a bit.