Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ah, the Pageantry!

Well, I was hoping to post another photo of a completely shaved Primary Dog, but it turns out he really does hate having his legs messed with. I must have sat on the floor for an hour, letting him eat treats near the electric trimmer, then on the trimmer when it was off, then on the trimmer when it was on, etc., but he's still afraid/annoyed when I put the trimmer near his legs. I wonder if the groomer accidentally nicked him in the past. Oh, and the sweet doggie really hates having his collar pulled. That much I already knew, but I'm forgetful sometimes. No bites, but he did remind me with a slight growl. Wouldn't it be great if a dog could tell people about his past? "I'm terribly sorry, but some meanie used to yank me around by my collar when I was a pup. I've never really gotten over it, but don't take it personally." I would love that. Also, hmm. Maybe I should make more friends.

So in lieu of a dog picture, which probably interests me more than it interests you (if it does at all), here are some other swell images.

From the lovely rose garden at Balboa Park.

A beautiful princess, probably having her photo taken for her QuinceaƱera.

The kiddo, scoring a run.