Sunday, June 07, 2009

And It Took Me Only Two Hours (Cough)

Here's the primary dog, mid-shave. He requested a modesty patch, so I gave him one, even though his privates are pretty teeny. Don't tell him that, though; he's sensitive.

I shaved almost all of his main body down to fuzz, but I had to quit because he's a bit snippy about having this leg fur trimmed. He may wind up with some groovy go-go boots. Either that, or I'm going to muzzle him and just get it over with. I wonder how the groomer does it.

Most likely the primary dog will get to keep his (trimmed) head and tail fur. No sense in depriving him of all his cuteness. Let's face it: The guy's looking like one of those scary hairless cats and enough is enough.

The auxiliary dog has escaped the trimmer, although she probably wishes she were getting a haircut. The girl will do anything for attention. That ho.