Thursday, September 11, 2008


Last night when I was hosing out the dog's crate (and seriously, what is with the pooping?) in my spare few minutes between getting home from work and heading off to the Back-to-School Night, one of my neighbors casually came downstairs and watched me. Yeah, that's not at all unnerving. Then she told me it was her hose. And that it was supposed to be coiled up nicely. I told her that although it had never been coiled up in the past five years since I'd lived there (and the other former neighbors used to use the hose exclusively), I would be happy to coil it up for her when I was done. I was pleasant about it, but WTH? And she watched me coil it up. I felt a little bit resentful because it's not as though each condo has its own hose hookup. If she's bothered by my using her hose, maybe I'll just buy my own and disconnect hers when I want to hose stuff off. Silly, but whatever.

Also in the WTH category, she told me she'd been to the old neighbors' new house. Hmm. The old neighbors had promised my son several times that they'd invite him over to swim in their new pool and told me they would invite "all the neighbors [they] like," including us, for a housewarming party. Guess the party happened and we fell off the list. I gotta admit, I was saddened by this. It's not the idea of not being invited to the party that bugs me. It's the weird disconnect between what I'd been told and what transpired. I liked them a lot and had been told the feeling was mutual. We exchanged gifts every Christmas and I gave their daughter money for her high school graduation. And again, it's not the material things that matter (and it isn't the first time they talked about our doing something together and it never happened); it's just that I thought we were, well, friends. Guess not! And I gotta admit that I spent more time thinking about this last night than I probably should have.

WTH indeed?