Friday, April 11, 2008

Bright Spots

Yesterday I picked up my son at school and took him back to my office to meet my fabulous officemate. She'd been out on Monday when I first brought the kiddo in to meet the awesome crew; she'd been on a grocery errand on Sunday, been rear-ended by a truck, and spent that night and the following day dealing with whiplash, a mild concussion, plenty of bruises -- oh, and insurance companies. Frankly, I was surprised that she even came in this week, but she typically plays through pain and our supervisor asked us all to keep an eye on her, lest she push herself too hard.

Anyway, I brought the kiddo back to the office, my fabulous officemate brought her eleven-year-old daughter to the office, and the two kids had a great time together. C.'s daughter even helped the kiddo with some of his homework, and she did it so kindly that I was very impressed. C. was characteristically warm and welcoming to my son, and I really appreciated that. Some of my co-workers were around, and they were happy to see the kiddo again; he loves the place and wanted to stay at the office even after C. and her daughter went home. Finally I had to lure him out with the promise of a trip to Jamba Juice. ;^)

We'll be going back again, though. It's just that kind of place. People always bring their kids around and everyone is very sweet and welcoming. It's a wonderful counterbalance to less pleasant things that continue to occur. More on that later.