Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sick Sweetie

*sigh* The kiddo came back from spending most of yesterday and today with his dad, and is now coughing his head off. Poor thing. I gather he's just moving through the different phases of his cold, but the little guy is just feeling so bad. Not as bad as when he had (or almost had -- no one could tell for sure) pneumonia last winter/spring, but he's all bleary-eyed and obviously sick. It pains me when he's not feeling well. As soon as he came home, he headed for the couch and I gave him some Children's Tylen*l with cough medicine and an antihistamine, thinking he could at least go to sleep...which he did, although his sleep is still punctuated with coughs. Before he fell asleep, he hoarsely asked me for a few hugs and told me, "Thanks for all the great care, Mom." I know that sounds sickeningly sweet, but he's like that sometimes. He does balance it out by being ornery, like when I asked him for a cup of water when I was sick and he was indignant at having to "be a butler." That's six for you.

Yesterday morning before the kiddo went with his dad, I amused him with my impression of his immune system going all Kung Fu on his germs. I demonstrated the antibodies kicking the germs' asses, as well as the germs weakening and eventually falling down dead. The kiddo was giggling and enjoying the hijinks. Maybe with enough sleep, he'll be in a giggling mood tomorrow. I really hate it when my sweetie is sick.