Monday, November 27, 2006

Youth Is Wasted

I mean...youth is wasted on the young. Yes, that's what I meant.

Just got off the phone with a new client who has a New Age book for me to edit. I asked who her audience is, and she said, "Women from ages twenty-five to fifty who want to bring their lives to a higher level." I told her I'm forty, so I fit right into that range, and she was surprised. She'd thought I sounded twenty-two. ????

I told her I'd take that as a compliment, but I also wonder if my voice/appearance (not that I look twenty-two! I just wear sweats and baseball hats a little too often) is slightly detrimental to me professionally. Hmm. Sure, I'd like to look young all my life, but I wonder if people hear my voice on the phone and wonder if I'm old enough (i.e., mature enough) to manage their projects. Hmm again.

Maybe I need to talk lower. ;^)