Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Big Day in Little-Boy-Land

Yesterday was a big day in little-boy-land. First we went to swim class, which is just painfully cute to watch, especially when the kids are holding their fingers up like bunny ears and bunny-hopping across the two-foot section of the pool. Next, we went to Rubio's (fish tacos) for lunch, then on to the shaggy kiddo's haircut appointment. This was particularly huge because it had been months since his last professional haircut, and I was on the verge of cutting it again myself. The kiddo hates all haircuts, so our appointment was super-fun. (!)

Despite all this excitement, however, the highlights of our day, according to the kiddo, were the dead animal sightings. When we pulled into our parking spot prior to the kiddo's haircut, we noticed we'd parked next to a white SUV with two dead mourning doves impaled on the antenna, and blood splattered along the doors. Totally gross and kind of shocking, really, since (last I checked, anyway) birds don't tend to fall out of the sky and impale themselves -- especially not two on the same antenna. Okay, I was the one who was shocked; the kiddo just wanted to talk about it for the rest of the day. After his appointment (yes, the birds were still there when we came out), we took the long way home by the lake and saw a live squirrel messily devouring a roadkill squirrel. Again, totally gross, but the kiddo was so intrigued that he begged me to turn the car around and stop so he could get a really good look. And yes, we had to talk about this for the rest of the day also.

Boys. Gross.

Oh, and I also saw a swarm of bees over the swimming pool yesterday, but I didn't tell the kiddo because he would've freaked out. Hmm. Did anyone see "Magnolia"? I might bring a very sturdy umbrella today. ;^)