Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Crazy Momma Ain't Crazy at All

Well, I gotta say...drugs are wonderful. After being on antibiotics for a couple of days, I felt good as new and was ready to meet up with Crazy Momma as we'd planned. I'd had the opportunity to meet another blogger some time ago when she was here on business, but we hadn't been able to coordinate our schedules and I was so, so bummed. After that, I was determined that nothing would stop me from meeting Crazy Momma.

Suffice it to say that Crazy Momma isn't crazy at all. In fact, she's super-relaxed, funny, smart and very easy to be around. Within seconds after meeting her, I felt like we were friends who hadn't seen each other in a while. Oh, and did I mention she brought her family? Yes, her dh was equally friendly and easy to hang out with, and their kids were adorable. I particularly enjoyed the little conversation I had with the kids when we were having lunch. I had the kiddo with me, and he and the kids ran around pretty much nonstop, except when they were eating or threatening to climb over the seawall. Really, they all were energy personified. I was just trying to make sure my son didn't break one of CM's kids. I would've felt pretty bad about that.

Truthfully, though, Crazy Momma is the kind of person I wish I'd been able to meet sans kids, so we could talk for more than three-minute bursts. She's just so bright and down to earth -- the kind of person one instinctively wants to get to know.

(Hmm. Wonder if I could convince her to move here!) ;^)