Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In a Parental State of Mind

Well, the kiddo and I just got back from a talent show overseen by my brother's girlfriend, who teaches music at a local Catholic school. I'm just gonna say it -- there sure were a lot of budding bosoms and booties being shaken in a provocative manner, especially for a Catholic school. Doesn't anyone teach little girls how to dance (and dress) without looking like little hookers? (And no, my brother's girlfriend was not responsible for the jiggling.)

One little boy (and I mean little) wore a suit and stood in front of a microphone to tell jokes. He was awesome -- he remembered all but one. ;^) Some kids sang, others "danced," some played musical instruments, two kids did some creative version of Stomp with broomsticks and paint buckets, and a coupla kids did some kind of mariachi dancing that was a very nice change of pace from the overwhelming amount of hip-hop boobie-booty shaking (and more bare midriffs than you could shake a stick at).

I'm feeling old. I'm also thinking maybe some kids didn't get their costumes approved by "Sister Principal."

Oh, and the volume of the recorded music was deafening. What? I didn't hear what you said -- I was DEAFENED by the MUSIC. *ears ringing* The kiddo was so bothered by the music that he at first kept his hands over his ears and eventually refused to sit in the auditorium, opting to sit outside on the ground, playing his Game Boy.

Overall, though, the kids were very cute, and very proud of themselves, and I was all misty-eyed at their cuteness. When I wasn't disturbed by all the shimmying and microphone feedback, that is.

My son was somewhat intrigued by the talent show concept, though, and wondered aloud on the way home what his talent should be when he's old enough to participate in a school talent show.

Ah, just a couple more years... ;^)